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If you don't have your own eyelashes, I recommend to buy a set of eyelashes from your local beauty store. For more information on eyelash condition, see my article for more information.

How to get better eyelash extensions? There are two different types of eyelash extensions. You can buy them online or find them on a store, but these products may not work with your lashes. Here is a description of each type: Extensions with a very thick outer layer - These products work great with your natural lashes and add a bit of volume. They are often sold as a set. They are also known as "thin lashes." For instance, there is a product called "Long Lash." It's a little thick and it only adds a few inches to your natural lashes, but it's amazing. For more information about eyelash extensions, see my article How to Get Longer Natural Lash Extensions. They are usually sold in little bottles with a brush, and some people recommend using them when they are wearing your regular mascara or when they are applying to your eyelids to build up the look. These products don't work very well for natural lashes, as they tend to dry out your lashes.

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Idol Lash

Idol Lash

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