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Some products claim to relieve snoring in an easy way. They are very easy to use and effective. Others claim to remove air from the nose and mouth. I want to tell you about some products that are NOT effective. I've read some of the reviews about these products. I don't really care for those as I am more interested in the products that are completely effective. Some snoring medicines and products Some snoring remedies are not just "natural" and "natural" is not the same as effective. It depends on the kind of snorer and the type of snoring and how often the person snores. Some are good to keep in the fridge to eat during the day or to eat during a snoring attack. Other products are "natural" but don't work as well as others. Some are safe to use even if the snorer doesn't have snoring disorder, but are not the best. There is no perfect snoring product. Most people want a natural solution, but there are products on the market that aren't so natural. The main thing to do is read the labels and decide what you can tolerate. Some products, like the ones sold by Nettles or Ragen, work great for a small number of people, but not for many others.

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