Although I Exercise Enough, I Can’t Get My Weight Down, What Can I Do?

Various factors can play a role. In any case, the metabolism slows down with age. This is sometimes difficult, but does not have to be an obstacle to gradually losing weight. A frequent problem is the amount of food. If you want to lose weight, you tend to eat less and less; but this also slows down the metabolism at some point; plus there are deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. The result: an adverse effect. A good basis with lots of fruit and vegetables is therefore important.

In practice I often see that the problem lies in the amount of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are a fast fuel, but the body can convert it into fat relatively easily if it is not used (directly). We modern people eat relatively many carbohydrates; All ‘healthy’ snacks such as egg cake and gingerbread are also packed with carbohydrates. Fewer carbohydrates and more protein and fat-rich products (but the healthy fats!) Are healthy anyway; and helps to lose weight.

That said there are a lot of misconceptions in general on how weight loss is actually achieved. Most people believe that they have to spend more time in the gym, do more sit ups, more jumping jacks, and run more.

However the science is in! Overall weight loss is determined not by exercise, which only appears to make up 15% of your weight loss, it mostly appears to be a product of your diet.

This is where that saying comes from, “your body is made in the kitchen.”, And does in fact support our claim that too many bad blood sugar spiking carbohydrates could possibly be keeping your body inflammed, retaining fat and water, and preventing you from losing weight overall!

So it is imperative for your health overall that you pay attention to what food you are consuming and in what quantities. Are you having your blood sugar spiked throughout the day? Your goal is to reduce your over glycimic intake, and focus on low sugar level foods for overall better health and what many say is a clearer, more focused and calm mind!