Stand Up for the Cure supports the advocacy to help cure breast cancer patients and fund research to end this disease. This is in line with the government program, Healthy People 2020, which aims to improve the health of all Americans. This is led by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. The objective is to recover and enhance the health, purpose, and quality of life of our people. Every person should be able to enjoy good health, free from any illness or disease such as breast cancer. Having a disease hinders a person from being a productive citizen of our society. The individual will not be able to perform her roles and functions well within the family, community, workplace, and in our nation. Working towards the improvement of the overall health and well-being of our entails the collaborative effort of the family, community members, and government.  Needless to say, health professionals play an important role in managing their health but other disciplines such as community health workers, researchers, government officials, coaches, and trainers can also help our breast cancer patients and their families in making them socially, mentally, emotionally, and physically active towards a healthier lifestyle. It takes a community to take care of our population. Patient care technologies are also important developments in medicine to assist us in the management of a diverse population of patients.  We have to keep up with the advancements around us and use the available technology to improve the quality of care that we offer to our patients.  However, all of these need funds and effort to come into being. That is why we work hard to raise much-needed money to fund medical research and efforts to cure breast cancer. Stand Up for the Cure believes that we should give breast cancer patients an opportunity to take full control of their lives which can only happen when they are finally free from the disease. These cancer survivors can, in turn, help us in strengthening our efforts in spreading awareness about the disease and we can all work hand in hand to put an end to breast cancer.