Underweight? A problem barely addressed!

Are you ever jealous of your sister, girlfriend or aunt who can eat whatever she wants but does not have a gram of weight? Maybe they are even more jealous of you because you can arrive. It is of vital importance that you can arrive when necessary. In addition, it is also important to arrive healthy. For example, there are whipped cream courses, but these contain far too much saturated fat and that is not healthy for anyone. You will then arrive, but you may also get other symptoms due to unhealthy food. It is therefore important that you arrive with a healthy diet.

Tips for underweight

1. Cause

Find out what causes your underweight. Do you eat too little? Do you suffer from stress? Do you have a busy life? Do you have a fast metabolism? When you know the cause you can tackle your problem at the core. In the following tips we assume that you eat too little.

2. Snacks

To arrive it is important to eat regularly. In addition to at least three main meals, it is advisable to also plan at least three small meals in between. Good and tasty snacks; – Cracker with banana, brie, tomato or smoked sausage – Toast – Gingerbread – Cruesli with yogurt – Soup with chicken, vegetables and vermicelli

3. Promote appetite

There are ways to promote your appetite. For example, do not eat too much fat. Fat inhibits appetite. Freshly sour dishes such as fruit juice or broth stimulate appetite. In addition, make sure that you always have something healthy to eat in the house so that you can never use as an excuse that there was no food in the house.

4. Eating pattern

In addition to eating regularly, you add a little extra to everything. Are you used to having breakfast in the morning with one sandwich? Take two from now on. Do you normally eat two potatoes with the evening meal? Then take four now.

5. Products

You can eat the best products that are high in carbohydrates and proteins; – Wholemeal bread – Whole wheat pasta – Eggs – Brown rice – Meat – Fish

6. Move

People who want to lose weight are advised to exercise a lot. It is also good to move for people who want to arrive. After all, muscles are also heavier than fatty tissue. I would refrain from the intense cardio training, but pushing a lap and exercising the abs is really good for you. If you need help with this, you can always present this to an employee of the gym for an adapted training schedule.

In addition to these tips, it is important that you give it time. As I indicated, arriving can be more difficult than losing weight. You may already be very satisfied if you gain one kilo in three weeks. If you maintain this you can already achieve great results after six months. Don’t give up, take care of yourself and go for it!